How to Maximize Your Sales & Marketing Funnel

In this video, you’ll learn how to maximize your sales and marketing funnel results. This includes automation, buyer’s journey stages, closing sales faster, conversion funnel marketing, inbound sales, lead generation, LinkedIn social selling, prospecting and discovery, sales and marketing alignment (smarketing), sales cycle length, sales enablement, sales opportunities, sales pipelines, sales process, sales strategy, sales teams, and the future of sales. Plus, you’ll get to watch interviews with other sales and marketing experts from flexEngage, HubSpot, OneScreen, as well as the LinkedIn Social Selling Workshop.

Best practices from Joshua Feinberg, a sales and marketing funnel strategist with 20+ years of experience maximizing funnel results — and that’s content, digital, email, inbound, social marketing, and sales enablement certified by HubSpot Academy.

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0: 00 Maximize Your Sales & Marketing Funnel
0: 35 How to Improve Your Conversion Funnel Marketing
7: 53 The 3 Buyer’s Journey Stages That Fill Pipelines in IaaS, SaaS, and Fintech
11: 58 How to Align Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success
15: 37 B2B Inbound Sales for High Ticket Purchases
19: 52 Improving Your Sales Process with a Stronger Content Strategy
26: 25 How B2B Sales Teams Keep Up with Changes in Buyer Behavior
31: 24 Comparing Sales Enablement vs Digital Marketing | Where Should You Start?
36: 12 6 Sales and Marketing Alignment Smarketing Strategies for IaaS, SaaS, and Fintech
43: 17 B2B Sales Strategy for IaaS, SaaS, and Fintech
52: 39 Kyle Jepson, Senior Inbound Sales Professor at HubSpot (B2B Digitized Podcast | Episode 2)
1: 29: 26 Comparing the 5 HubSpot Hubs: Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, Operations
1: 36: 48 How to Improve B2B SaaS Sales and Marketing Alignment
1: 40: 49 The 6 B2B Digital Marketing Steps | From Stranger to Increased Sales
1: 46: 18 How Fintech Startups Benefit From Sales Enablement
1: 53: 37 6 Signs Your Sales Team Needs Help to Stay Competitive
1: 57: 50 How B2B Sales Professionals Improve Prospecting and Discovery with HubSpot Sales Hub
2: 01: 38 3 Super-Common Struggles of B2B Sales Teams (And What You Can Do About Them)
2: 15: 37 How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle Length in B2B Technology
2: 23: 56 Sam Capra, VP of Sales at flexEngage (B2B Digitized Podcast | Episode 8)
3: 06: 31 6 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices That Close Sales Faster
3: 15: 09 HubSpot Email Marketing Must-Have’s That Accelerate Sales Cycles and Onboarding
3: 21: 14 13 Sales Enablement Strategies for Mid-Market and Enterprise Technology
3: 29: 11 9 B2B Content Marketing Strategies That Generate More Leads and Sales Opportunities
3: 32: 49 How to Boost Sales with Digital Marketing
3: 36: 10 My Favorite Email Marketing Automation (That Your Sales Team Will Love!)
3: 42: 04 LinkedIn Social Selling Workshop
5: 05: 13 Sam Mallikarjunan, CEO at (B2B Digitized Podcast | Episode 7)
5: 34: 00 The Future of Sales
5: 36: 02 Subscribe to this channel and ring the bell

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