How To Package, Sell, And Provide Agency Services Using GoHighLevel | Office Hours With Mike Cooch

These are open Q&A calls with Mike Cooch, founder of and, to try to answer any questions you have and get you un-stuck in building your business and achieving your goals!

In this call, we had lots of discussion about how Digital Agencies can productize their services in general, and how to use Highlevel to design and deliver their services specifically.


00: 00: 58 How to productize a paid advertising management service when working with small businesses
00: 05: 37 How many hashtags should you be using when you’re creating posts on Instagram
00: 09: 42 Ads are a form of automation and leverage – take advantage of them to get your time back
00: 12: 52 HighLevel user interface capabilities/challenges
00: 18: 34 A caller is going to launch the free website to a service-based power hosting. Should I promote this with ads to a lead magnet and introduce the system on the Thank You page or run ad straight to a cold audience?
00: 22: 44 How to design your service where you are levaraging HighLevel on the back end without HighLevel being the focus of your service for your customers
00: 27: 58 I have a lot of experience with digital course creators. Would you recommend me to do this for course creators?
00: 29: 41 Have you ever done anything about database reactivation for the hospitality industry?
00: 30: 22 What’s your take on using Teachable for courses versus the GoHighLevel platform?
00: 32: 40 What do you think about focusing on local entrepreneurs for my local media property content?
00: 35: 51 What is HighLevel?
00: 37: 02 If I sell the “system”which is GoHighLevel with some service work on it, should I or should I not give the client access to GoHighLevel?
00: 44: 28 When doing content marketing, do you SEO-optimize each article?
00: 52: 54 Does HighLevel offer Done For You for our services (Like the $297 Done For You on a white label basis)?
00: 53: 26 Is there an SEO provider that can work with HighLevel?
00: 53: 58 If I want a setup of a great GoHighLevel funnel snapshot for one niche I can use over and over with little tweaks per client – but don’t want to fulfill – what or who is the best to outsource that to?
00: 54: 14 What do you use to syndicate those stories to your ThereSanDiego site?
00: 55: 22 I purchased the $297 Done For You OTO. Does HighLevel white label that workflow?
00: 57: 51 Update on ThereSanDiego
00: 58: 58 Does GoHighLevel calendar system work as well as Calendly and similar?
01: 00: 27 What are the best services you would recommend to introduce people to your services?
01: 03: 22 What services can you provide as a low ticket introduction?
01: 04: 40 What is included when we sign up with your GoHighLevel referral link?
01: 08: 11 Can we take advatage of the 30-day trial if we are existing GoHighLevel customers?


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