How to Quickly a Video Alighting Page

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How to Quickly create a video Alighting page

In this video I Shewn you how to Quickly create a video Alighting page.

You don’t Needs to know any special Skilled in Order to make a video Alighting page.

It is easy, if you Having the simple2advertise System.

All you Needs to create is a video and Setup an E-mailed Subscription Lists.

get You video Alighting page System by Going here
Setup You aweber Account by Going here

you Having Creation a video and Setup You E-mailed Lists in aweber, you can add both to You
simple2advertise System Under ‘video pages’

simply add the Shoe-last part of You video url and You aweber Lists name
to the Setup page.

next, all the you prefer.

if you Want a pop up EXIT Messagees be sure and ‘enable EXIT popup’
in the video Alighting page s.

Follow the steps in the video Alighting page video Above to see all the available
to you in the Setup section.

After you Having ed ething you Want, Disremembering to Clicks ‘save now’

You video Alighting page will Automagic be Creation for you and
you can Find all You Personalize pages Under ‘My Custom funnels’

For More Informative about all the Things you can do WITH simple2advertise, and see
how you can Even get Some FREE traffic to You video Alighting page,
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