How to Quickly Create and Integrate Apps with APIs

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Today’s developers must integrate legacy applications and weave multiple protocols together to form a service. Phil Walston explains how API and API management can help speed the development process and ensure a quality customer experience.
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Hi, I’m Phil Walston of CA Technologies.

One of the major challenges for businesses in the application economy is having data in silos.

Not to mention backend systems made up of many legacy applications, SOA, ESB, etcetera.

Along with applications in the cloud, systems in different geographies, and different business units created through acquisition.

Let’s take for example, a major fortune 500 retailer.

They have all their systems: supply chain management, ecommerce, CMS—and some of them may be moving into the cloud.

So there’s that.

Meanwhile, they also have an imperative to improve the experience for their customers, employees and partners by constantly deploying new web apps, new mobile apps and maybe new connected devices as part of the Internet of Things.

So the challenge for their businesses—and yours—is to quickly orchestrate, federate and transform massive data into something scalable and consumable for the modern mobile web and Internet of Things.

That brings us to APIs. Specifically, managing them effectively.

First, there’s the issue of coordinating them across multiple systems. Each one may have a different protocol like SOAP or REST, and some may communicate in XML versus JSON.

And with the advent of the Internet of Things, new protocols like MQTT are also becoming more of a player.

The result? Organizations aren’t able to abstract the front-end experience from the underlying platform. Because the software is changing in both the front and the back end – and at different paces.

That’s why effective API management is so critical.

The right API management will help you integrate data across silos. So developers can easily create modern and consistent interfaces, touch points, and applications.

It can also offer advanced tools that allow you to quickly – even instantly – create REST APIs to front your legacy systems…

the visibility to monitor and manage API performance.

And the ability to scale APIs to support incredible loads. Like our Fortune 500 retailer, who needs to handle Black Friday shopping that may generate millions of transactions in just a few hours.

So facing the enterprise, an effective API solution provides connectivity, API design and creation, and the capability to adapt, orchestrate, and transform data from disparate sources.

Outside the firewall, effective API management offers a way to scale to a much bigger ecosystem that involves the cloud, mobile apps, and the Internet of Things. All while easily handling issues such aggregation, caching and compression.

At CA, our API management solution provides all of the above, with everything enterprise architects need to create and deploy world-class APIs.
We offer near-instant API creation for better, faster and more secure integrations.

With features that improve both design time and run time—and give you the ability to quickly modernize legacy architectures.

Our API Management solution is also about enforcing policies and security, so architects can secure, audit and control every aspect of their integrations.

Which means they’re able to open up their enterprise without exposing the business to unnecessary risk.

Bottom line, it’s the best of everything, so you can do everything you need to compete—and win—in the application economy.

We hope this overview has been helpful, and look forward to working with you soon.

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