How To Remove Affiliate Badge In ClickFunnels – Hide or Show In New Editor)

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Learn how to remove the ClickFunnels badge in the new editor.

You may see this badge on your pages and in your funnels. This badge in the bottom “made with clickfunnels” can be turned off.

If you are looking to promote ClickFunnels and would like anyone to be able to click this badge and create a trial account will be referred by you. This means a commission for their subscription.

You can go to the funnel settings when editing the page and go to “General” settings. Find the ClickFunnels Affiliate Badge option and switch it to “Hide”. Be sure to save the page next to save that update.

You may want to add a new element, save the page and remove an element and save the page again.

This will update the cache and it will remove the Affiliate Badge from your funnel step.

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