How to SCRAPE INSTAGRAM DATA without code | Easily scrape data with best tool in 2022

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Hey Everyone, Thanks for watching the video! 😍
Hope this video was helpful and taught you how to scrape Instagram followers, emails, phone numbers and how to make money with the data!

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You can use scraped data for:
1) Scrape users to engage with (for software as Jarvee).
2) Scrape users to send massive amounts of dm’s.
3) Scrape phones + emails (email outreach, whatsapp outreach, FB/IG ads).
4) Scrape influencers/ambassadors to work with your brand!

⏰ Timestaps:
0: 00 Video & tool introduction
2: 00 How to use Leadtorn – Find Instagram users with data filtration by keywords
05: 10 Scraping bio, emails and phone numbers of Instagram users
07: 10 Filtering scraped data by followers, link in bio, country & more
10: 38 Exporting & selling data
11: 20 Pricing, more info & discount
13: 25 Use-cases & How to make money with the data!

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