How to sell a marketing funnel with just a laptop

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Maybe you’re starting out and you want to start selling marketing funnel services to your customers but you don’t have all the crazy equipment and you don’t have loads of money to spend on staff or lead generation.

The problem is that when you start out and you don’t have a lot of resources, I’ve been there and I’m going to be using a lot of my experiences.

In this video, I’m going to talk about how I managed to set up an agency and start selling marketing services using just a laptop and the laptop I had was like shit as well.

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Cliff Notes:
define a niche
I cannot express this enough – be clear about who you want to go after
at a minimum – test it and define a niche, if it doesn’t work change it
I’ve got a great video here about defining a niche
have a free offer page
give something – ANYTHING – away in exchange for an email and maybe even a phone number
record some training for your niche and show them something quick and easy
offer a follow-up call with the booking form
follow up with people who download
Be willing to get on Zoom to sell and qualify
don’t rush to the sale but be willing to ask more questions
qualify via zoom or calls and discover the problems people have
offer to help them
ignore the brand shit and total website
you don’t need to get all that stuff ready
logo, name, brand, colours – forget all that
ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a niche
get on calls, be helpful and offer to help further for pay
get good at follow up and booking calls
When I first started, the local comp got annoyed with me
not because I was a better marketer or designer (def not)
I didn’t have a bigger team
I was willing to follow up, sell, and close

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