How to sell landing pages to clients

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How to sell a landing page to clients How to build funnels that customers want to buy:

Selling landing pages to customers is how we got started when we first opened our agency. Customers would spend good money on a high converting, well designed landing page either as a sales page, squeeze page or offer page.

In this video I’m going to share what you’re really selling with a landing page, how to sell a landing page to customers and how to close them.

Find your first marketing funnel customer:

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How To Build A Profitable Successful Marketing Funnel Business:

📷🎤💻 Gear I use:
● My webcam:
● Camera:
● Lens:
● Smartphone microphone:
● Desk mic:
● Tripod I use:

Software and platforms
● Premium WordPress hosting:
● Page builder: _ (
● Marketing automation:
● Proposal software (BetterProposals): (

Cliff notes:
benefit – deliver a perfect pitch every time to your customers
benefit – massively scale your lead generation and convert into sales on autopilot
benefit – spend less time selling and more time working with customers

Sign up page, connection to CRM, thank you page, delivery page, landing copy

we’ve tried webinars before and they didn’t work…I totally agree. We’ve seen a lot of businesses try webinars before and they’ve failed. What we’ve found is that the audience and product isn’t wrong, but the message between them. If we worked

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