How To Set Up A Domain Sales Landing Page at Sedo

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If you want to increase the chances of selling your domain and prioritize the sale of your domain over earning money with our parking program. Then you can consider Sedos Sales Lander, that’s the topic for todays video.

Our sales lander is a landing page which will replace your current landing page. A landing page is the page someone sees if they search for your domain in their browser. This is an example of one of our sales lander pages.

So instead of having a blank landing page or a page which indicates that’s the website is not in use, you can use this enticing sales lander page instead.

Anyone searching for the domain, who has the intention to buy it will see directly that the domain is for sale at Sedo and they can continue to buy or negotiate directly and securely over our platform, increasing your chances of selling. There are different designs to choose from,

some deigns show different information to others so you need to decide which design is best for you. Our sales lander is one of our parking templates, so in order to activate this, you will need to make sure you have first parked the domain with Sedo and changed the name servers.

Check out our video ‘ How to park a domain with Sedo’ if you have not parked yet and want to activate the sales lander. Once you have parked a domain with Sedo, to activate our Sales Lander go to, log into your account

and select My Domains or Domain Management. Change your view from standard overview to parking optimisation here. Then you can either make the change individually like this, or alternatively you can change the sales lander on multiply domains at once, by selecting the edit pen in the blue bar next to ‘Layouts’ then select ‘edit layouts options’ from the dropdown. Choose the domains you want to apply the change to or click the checkbox here to apply the change to all the domains in the list.

After you activate the sales lander please allow 15 minutes for the technical change to take effect before the page will show. Please stay up to date with our latest videos by subscribing to our channel. We hope this video helps you and we wish you every success on Sedos marketplace.

We wish you every success selling your domains.

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