How To Setup A Paid Trial In ClickFunnels (Updated for 2021)

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UPDATED for 2021! How to setup a paid trial continuity program using ClickFunnels and Stripe….

This updated process also includes a new service featuring over 80 prewritten and custom built scripts! In this example, you can use one of two scripts built by CFProTools, FORCED PRODUCTS or GROUPED PRODUCTS.

Charge one price up front, then another after a set amount of days…

Example: $1 Today, and in 30 Days, $47 a month!
Example: $7 Today, and in 7 Days, $27 a week!
Example: $47 Today, and in 90 Days $297/month!

This method is a little different from what I normally do, but this one will use a third party code platform called CFProTools and may require additional service fees. None the less, the fees are well worth all of their tools.

You can get CFProTools Here: s

You can get a 14 day CF Trial Here: w

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