How To Share A Funnel With Clickfunnels I How To Import & Make It Your Own (+ FREE Share Funnels!)

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Don’t you ever wish you could just have someone else’s awesome funnel that was already crushing it? Wish you could just tweak it, make it your own, and run with it? (Spoiler…Free Share Funnels Below)

Well, you can! Sharing and importing funnels is easy.

One of the best and most amazing features of Clickfunnels is the share funnel.

The share funnel is something that turns dreams into a reality. It allows marketers to share their sales funnels with one another and if you’re new to the funnel world, you can build upon someone else’s proven model. Pretty awesome, right?

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

-how to import a share funnel
-how to edit a share funnel to make it your own
-how to get a $19 share funnel account in Clickfunnels
-avoiding the most common mistakes when importing a share funnel

Oh and of course here are some FREE share funnels for you to use:

1.) Funnel in the video – This funnel is used for generating insurance leads since this is one of my businesses 👉

2.) Affiliate Marketing Funnel (Business-in-a-Box AKA BIB)👉

3.) E-commerce Funnel 👉

4.) Bonus/Mystery Funnel 🤫

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So, you get to use Clickfunnels for Free for 2 weeks and have someone else’s done-for-you funnels. Not too shabby…

Happy Funnel Hacking!!

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