How to Split Test Landing Pages Or AB Test Landing Pages Quickly & Easily With Grooovepages

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How to Split Test Landing Pages With Grooovepages – – GroovePages Free lifetime option –

How to Split Test Landing Pages Or AB Test Landing Pages Quickly & Easily With Grooovepages
In this video we are going to cover what is AB testing landing pages or also known as split testing landing pages and how do you do it and why you should be doing it. So this video is for you if you want to save money on your marketing costs and increase your customer conversions without spending any more money and make your business more profitable.

AB testing or split testing is the process of testing two versions to find the best option for your customers. Similar to market testing which a brand will undertake when they launch a new product.

AB testing is the digital method for us to test what your customers or prospects prefer when they visit your pages and view your online content.

By AB testing landing pages we can easily and quickly understand what our customers prefer by measuring their actions.

The first step in creating an AB split test is deciding what you are going to test. The principle of AB testing is to test small changes each time until you achieve your winning or final version.

You can test a number of different areas depending on what you are actually testing.

The most popular items to split test are as follows:

Page Content
Videos or Images
Calls to Action

Within these items you can test different variations of message, different colours, different lengths of titles, content and videos.

To run an AB split test you need to send traffic to the two variations. This can be organic search traffic that you are already getting or it can be paid traffic from Facebook or Google.

The benefit of paid traffic is that you can see the results more quickly. If you are running paid traffic it would be best to test the landing pages with a smaller traffic volume while running your split test and then increasing your traffic after you have improved your landing pages.

My prefererence is to create custom landing pages which you can quickly and easily create with GroovePages by cloning a site or cloning a page within a site and then making a variation change for your split testing or AB test.

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