How to Start a Moving Company • How to Run a Successful Moving Business • Step By Step Instructions

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In this video I go over step by step instructions on how to start a moving company. Then I continue on to talk about how to run a successful moving business and how to grow your moving company.

– Should you start a moving company? Should I start a moving company? –

The answer is yes, starting a moving company with the right knowledge can be very profitable. Moving companies can make a lot of money annually if they are maintained correctly.

Running a successful moving service may be blood sweat and tears in the beginning, but the end product is a profitable moving business that can help create the life you always dreamed about.

My moving company Boston Small Moves started off as a man and a van operation, then transitioned into apartment moving and now we actually rebranded to Limitless Moving & Storage, LLC. And we are currently moving big houses and corporations.

It all takes time to develop your moving business and scale it to the point that you are making substantial profits. Do not give up and the first falter.

Moving start ups can be difficult if you do not have the right employees so it is imperative that you hire the correct workers that you can depend on. Pay them well and moving tips will also be a huge incentive for that worker to stay longer as they can easily double their weeks pay being the only employee.

Don’t let people take advantage of you. Initially, you may want to lower your rates or give into a pushy customer’s demands, but eventually you will learn as a business owner that you are the one who calls the shots. Not in a mean way, but in the sense that you run your ship and if they do not want to sail with you then they can find another boat.

Hope this helps to all you aspiring moving business owners! Hit me up on instagram for any free advice!

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