How To Start A Profitable Digital Marketing Agency in 2021 For $97

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🧡 Ah, the future is bright!

People like you and I are able to start a very profitable business for as little as 💰 $97. A digital marketing agency is one of the easiest, least expensive, and most lucrative businesses to start.

With the right information and tools, you can run and scale your agency to a million dollars and beyond.

So many people complicate things by listening to “gurus” pushing the next best thing.

In this video, I give you a path to follow all the way to the bank.

I break down the exact steps you need to take, a few cautionary tales, and a few tips to make it easier and more profitable for you along the way.

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The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber

Clarity Of Culture: c

Jump on a call with me here: m

Market Research Workbook: p

➡️ Naming tools:
/> s

Checking username availability:

➡️ Purchase a domain:
Google Domains r
Namecheap /

Color Psychology: 8
Matching colors:

➡️ Here are a few logo creation sites that may get you started.

You can also go to Fiverr which allows you to have a logo created for as little as $5.

➡️ I recommend the following tools for every agency

1. A Content Management System (CMS) – $97/Month Unlimited
Go HighLevel l

2. A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) – $97/Month Unlimited
Go HighLevel – l

3. An Email Marketing Platform – $97/Month Unlimited
Go HighLevel – l

4. A Marketing Automation System – $97/Month Unlimited
Go HighLevel – l

5. A Marketing Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracker – $97/Month Unlimited/FREE
Go HighLevel – l
Google Sheets – /

6. Project Management Software – FREE (to start)
Trello – /
ClickUp – /
Asana – /

7. Design Software – FREE (to start)
Canva a

8. Analytics Software – FREE
Google Analytics – /

9. A Social Media Management Platform – FREE (to start)
Metricool – C
Canva – a

10. Online Meeting Tool – FREE (to start)
Zoom 3

Organizational Chart: Demo Org Chart

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⭐️ The Biggest Marketing Trend You Need To Know About In 2021

★☆★Step #1:


★☆★Step #2:


📍Website ▶︎ /
📍Facebook ▶︎ w
📍Pinterest ▶︎
📍Instagram ▶︎ /


★☆★Step #3:

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