How to Structure and Customize CRM to Fit Your Business

In this episode of Explore NetHunt CRM, we explain how to structure your CRM workspace to achieve a high level of usability and data relevancy.

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—————————–About NetHunt CRM——————————–

NetHunt is a fully-fledged CRM software designed for sales and marketing teams and directly integrated with Gmail and LinkedIn.

NetHunt is a Gmail CRM that brings sales automation and drip campaigns straight to your inbox. It has Webforms, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger and Intercom integration and covers a complete set of features to automatically capture leads, nurture them, manage sales pipeline, and close deals faster.

Our customers use NetHunt to get jobs done:
– To automatically capture leads.
– To automate data entry.
– To organize customer database and keep it without duplicates.
– To send out drip campaigns and nurture leads.
– To automatically generate leads with LinkedIn integration.
– To sync their Gmail activity with CRM and track sales processes.
– To automate their sales funnel.
– To manage individual and team tasks.
– To schedule follow-ups, bulk email campaigns, newsletters, and other types of communication with customers.
– To integrate NetHunt with other sales tools that they use every day.
– To store and access every moment of customer interaction with their sales team.
– To remind them about important calls, meetings, follow-ups.
– To monitor sales metrics and improve sales performance.
– To sync activities between sales, marketing, and support departments.
– To never miss a potential lead.

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