How to Study for Long Hours with 100% Concentration? | लम्बे समय तक कैसे पढ़ें | Him eesh Madaan

Watch these 5 tips which you can easily use in your study breaks to boost focus, concentration and brain’s functioning.

In this unique video, you will learn 5 unique activities you can do in your study breaks when you are tired and sleepy. You will get to know quick tips on how to study for long hours while increasing your concentration in studies. Also, this video will solve a major problem of students which is how to avoid sleep when they are in mood of studying. These activities will not only freshen you up but will increase your focus, boost your memory and concentration, and will revitalize your brain to work faster. Learn about them in the video with your friend and big brother, International Motivational Speaker Him eesh Madaan!

पढ़ते समय बार बार नींद आती है? थक जाते हो पर पढाई ख़त्म नहीं होती? लगातार पढ़ने से फोकस ख़त्म हुआ सा लगता है? तो देखो और सीखो की कैसे पढाई के बीच के ब्रेक में ये 5 unique activities करने से आप न केवल खुद को तरो ताज़ा महसूस कर सकते हो बल्कि अपना फोकस और कंसंट्रेशन पहले से कई गुना तक बढ़ा सकते हो, अपने दोस्त और International Motivational Speaker Him eesh Madaan के साथ!

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