How to Use Manychat on Landing Pages (ClickFunnels)

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This are a few of the ways to use Manychat Embeddable Widgets on your landing pages for lead magnets or webinar registrations.

This is my preferred software over UseProof with ClickFunnels, because it’s faster and much more customizable.

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Today I want to walk you through a mini chat there’s a lot of talk out there about messenger BOTS right now and so I’m gonna do a couple of videos if you think it’s a great idea I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below give me a thumbs up give me a yeah give me more mini chat give me some more messenger bot and I will definitely do that so today though I’m gonna start by showing you how to use specifically how to use mini chat kind of as a replacement for a lead magnet or a webinar registration kind of using it on a landing page of some form and give you a few options to do that so to start when we go into mini chat you know you can just get there by mini chat calm and then on the left side there’s all these different options go to growth tools and the two that work amazing for lead magnets for really anything a typical like lead magnet would be on a funnel page or a website where it’s sign up for something registration a lead magnet webinar anything that the two main options are going to be the embeddable widgets right here the button and the box the big difference between the two is button it’s literally just the button so all the text is gonna have to be designed around it the box is kind of a standalone thing where you can put text and a title and an image right in there functionally they’re basically the same so I’m gonna put test just for now I’m gonna call homepage ethics and we use on the homepage of my website so I’m gonna go ahead and use the button but like I said they are literally the same functionally speaking the difference is just in the design of it so I’m gonna use button for now but explore the box option and so like I said the button is really it’s just right here and you know there’s a few options I kind of like send a messenger because it’s just easier they don’t have to check a box they didn’t hit the button and they’re signed up and so there’s really nothing more to it than that send a messenger you have to put text around on the page itself and then on the submitted state there’s a few ways you can do it so for me I’m going to install it on my home page as an alternative to a name an email for a lead magnet and I’ve seen people do it a few ways if you’re going to like so in this scenario I’m going to put it as an alternative to right here so they can give me their name and email or they can send it to messenger and say would you like to this is a messenger instead there’s there’s two options most of the time I’ll go ahead and say redirect to URL and then as soon as they hit as soon as they hit Send it’s going to forward them to the thank you page on the funnel itself the difference is is if you go don’t redirect to URL then they’re going to have to then the next thing is gonna freeze on this view and in messenger page and they’re gonna have to go through many chat in which case just make sure that in the chat itself you have it set up to send them back to the Thank You page especially if you’re doing like Facebook ads and tracking conversions and such you’re gonna want them to get them to the Thank You page the second scenario is going to be putting this option on the Thank You page so a lot of times get their name and email up front and then on the Thank You page that’s where a lot of people will put the messenger bot in my case I want to push people to my Facebook group so I want to get them here and I want the main call-to-action Thank You page here but a lot of people you know on the home page the home page is gonna be give me your name and email to sign up for this and that awesome just hit this send a messenger button to get your lead magnet that works fantastic as well and you get them in both places so those are the two main strategies so let’s go ahead and just get this installed so like I said I’m going to redirect to URL redirect to the Thank You page after they’ve submitted and you can choose in a new tab or in the current tab I would do a new tab just so they still see my homepage and then almost go stuff we’ll go over this stuff in a different video but let me know if you have any questions opt-in message is as easy as well you can choose whatever you want hey here’s your lead magnet just click the button below to download.

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