How to use Power Automate to create tasks in Microsoft Planner from tasks created in Project Online

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High-level process to create the flow

In this video we demonstrate creating a flow with Microsoft Power Automate that is triggered from the Create a Task in Project Online trigger event.

Once the cloud flow is triggered, it will check to see if a project in Microsoft Planner exists with the same name as the project being published with new tasks. If a project does exist, the flow will create any new Task(s) that triggered the event, in the Planner project.

In addition to the Create a Task in Project Online trigger, the flow also uses the List groups I own and belong to Action. This action determines the Office 365 Groups the current logged in user belongs to.

Once the list of Groups is returned, a Condition is implemented that cycles through the returned Office 365 group names. This is performed to determine if one has the same name as the enterprise project being published in Microsoft Project Online.

If there is an Office 365 Group with the same name, we list the plans (Microsoft Planner projects) that are using this Office 365 Group for membership.

After we obtain the list of Planner projects, we implement a Condition to determine if the title of one of the plans (value Title) is the same as the project being published with new tasks.

If the title of one of the plans is equal to the project in which tasks are being created, the Create a Task action is executed. The Create a Task Action will use Group Id and the Plan Id to isolate the correct planner project in which new tasks will be created.

The tasks will be created using the identical name of the Project Online tasks. In order to ensure this, the Task name returned from the Create a New Task trigger is specified as the Title.

Upon completion, corresponding tasks are created in the correct project in Planner that match the tasks in Microsoft Project Online.

Project Management

Since project management requires thorough communications and collaboration, using Power Automate to automate repetitive processes can help ensure success.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a hub for every day work. Users may deliver professional and engaging experiences with Dynamic view, PowerPoint live and Present mode. Live events is a great way to deliver live webinars to users for training and knowledge-sharing purposes.

Microsoft Project Professional

Microsoft Project Professional helps project managers organize work, as well as manage and track both small and large initiatives. Projects may be planned with the benefit of a powerful scheduling engine, able to calculate accurate completion dates based on task dependencies. The Project Online desktop client is a tool that provides project managers the ability to bring projects in on-time and on-budget. Create a project plan with a task list to track everything from your daily work, to a complex CRM upgrade. Work collaboratively with resource managers to understand the demand on resources and the impact of moving resources between projects.

Microsoft Planner

Planner is a great tool used to organize work with visual task management. Create Kanban boards using task cards with checklists, labels, images and attachments/files. Check status of your plans with visual status charts. Planner is very intuitive and will allow users with no experience to start using the tool immediately. Add a new task, add a task description, add an image to provide the ability to quickly identify a task.

Power BI

Power BI helps organizations engage and visualize data directly. Power BI helps your team easily explore analysts and create reports and dashboards.


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