How to use the Social Media Funnel for your NFT marketing strategy? (in March 2022)

Do you know this funnel ?

It’s the Model every good NFT marketer has in mind in March 2022.

Listen and you will understand why Discord is the orgasm of the NFT communication strategies.

This Social Media funnel has 3 steps :
✅ One to many : create the buzz on Twitter, Tiktok & Instagram in order to grab audiences
✅ One to few : Have an exclusive relation with your fans on Telegram & Twitch
✅ One : use Discord as the gathering place for your community.


I’m Anton BT.
The off-the-wall marketer who is launching his agency.
I’ve found an USP which will kick ass the NFT marketing agency game.
I’ll reveal it to you Sunday 2nd April. Stay tuned.

Btw, you can get exclusive content on my Telegram channel :

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I will post 2 kinds of content :
👉 NFT marketing strategies reviews
👉 Theoretical communication concept



“Let’s use Social Networks and Influencers to hype Whales and Monkeys globally.”

This sentence sum up my vision of the crypto/ NFT marketing game.

💥Hype. In the crypto/ NFT world, everything goes faster. Hyping people in few hours is compulsory…or you’ll disappear forever. The hype is the association of disruptive ideas and federated communities of believers.

💥Monkeys. Degen monkeys are everywhere. Each of us is emotionally shaking when it deals with making X100 !
Each project (even legit ones) has to hype to the Apes.

💥Whales. They sometimes act as stupid and suggestible Monkeys…but when it deals with investing a lot, they look at the reliability of the projects.
Each project (even bullshit ones) has to hype the serious and logic part of our brain.

💥Social Networks. There are the place where project creators convince their audience that they have not invested enough (time, money) in the project. Communication has to be sharp, emotional and interactive to be persuasive.

💥Influencers. 87% of shoppers were “inspired” by an influencer to make a purchase (mediakix, 2022). With the community and the disruptive ideas, it’s the 3rd pillar which contributes to the success of a project. It’s compulsory.

💥Globally. Crypto and NFT family doesn’t have any borders. You have more in common with a crypto holder which is at the other part of the globe than most of the people you cross on the streets of your country. Each project HAS to go global in order to reach the moon.

To conclude, DYOR and NFA are just prevention messages which can be easily destroyed by powerful marketing technics.
The crypto/NFT mass adoption will arrive in the next months and this marketing technics will be the game changer.

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