How to write marketing funnel proposals

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How to write a marketing funnel proposal Marketing funnel proposal template:

I’m can share with you the marketing funnel proposal template that is responsible for over $94 million worth of sales in 2018 alone. My friends at better proposals use my marketing funnel proposal template and I will show you how I write marketing funnel proposals for my customers. I love writing proposals because they’re quick, easy and it means that someone is probably going to buy from me. I’m good to show you the marketing funnel proposal template I use, how I write proposals for my marketing funnels, and the marketing funnel proposal conversion hack that works with almost every customer.

BetterProposals template:

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How To Build A Profitable Successful Marketing Funnel Business:

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Cliff notes:

You just had a meeting and they ask you to send over a proposal
you put it off for a few days because you know proposal writing is hard
you finally sit down at your desk and start writing
6 hours later you’re still writing the same proposal
you put off sending it because it was so hard and you’re worried that they’ll end up rejecting it

Proposals need to be long and complex, especially for marketing services and intangible services

Customers will tell you what they want to buy
spend time asking questions, not selling
start with the solution that you would provide
use a template
write out the benefits of that solution
tell them the results that they want
tell them where they are right now
tell them the problems they are facing
include a timescale and investment page
include a case study
use better proposals

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