HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Your Super SaaS Agency Will Make BIG $$$ With This!

Details on how to “bolt on” Level 9 Services will be sent out shortly.

GoHighLevel, UpHex, and Level 9 are joining forces to bring the world of SaaS into it’s next phase…

Leads turing into real sales.

If your SaaS Agency can position itself as a money-generating solution, your clients will be scared to leave you.

We’re calling this Super SaaS… or maybe Hybrid SaaS… Whatever we call it, it’s all about delivering results for your clients WITHOUT you having to build out a team of agents. Just bolt on the Level 9 solution, and roll!

Here’s some helpful links and free resources:

To learn more about how UpHex works directly from GHL, go to: /

To see how to use UpHex without GHL: m

Interested in HighLevel? Go here: />
Learn more about Level 9 Virtual: /

Want to learn how to run lead generation campaigns like a pro? />
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