I Cloned Clickfunnels in WordPress using Cartflows – Cartflows tutorial 2021

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hey guys in this cartflows 2021 tutorial, I will show you how I cloned clickfunnel’s funnels into wordpress using cartflows and elementor page builder.
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Ok, If you are still wondering what is going on here how can we have click funnels like functionality in WordPress?
then let me tell you it is possible by using a plugin called Cartflows Pro.
using Cartflows pro you can have all the cool features like one-click upsell, order bump, and much more.

Table of content
00: 00 – tutorial starts
00: 24 – Overview
02: 58 – CartFlowsFunnel Demo
05: 45 – Video Requirements
07: 12 – What is Cartflows
08: 37 – STEP 1 create a flow in cartFlows
10: 43 – Design Sales page on cartFlows
13: 11 – Add orderbump in cartflows
16: 51 – Edit Checkout form Field in cart flows
17: 57 – Edit Your sales page with elementor
20: 13 – Add Checkout Form in Sales page
23: 13 – Edit Thankyou page in CartFlows
25: 25 – Demonstration of what we created

I have gone one step further and designed a complete funnel for you so that you don’t need to spend hours and hours designing a sales funnel in WordPress using elementor.
I wish I had this template when I started.
But Today times have changed you don’t need any expensive funnel builder to make your sales funnel.
You can make a sales funnel in WordPress in a few clicks.
but the only problem we face is the designing part or the funnel.
so I have tried to show you that it is possible to have a funnel design like professionals by just using free version of the elementor page builder.
anyways hope you will like this cartflows tutorial.
till then see you in my next video.


Cartflows Ecommerce Funnel
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