I Sold This New SMMA Service For $7,000 (Database Reactivation)

In this video I discuss how you can sell a database reactivation as a new SMMA service in 2022.

My client paid me $7,000 for this service with 95% profit margins (if you hire a VA), 100% profit margins if you do it yourself.

This is a great service you can add inside your SMMA as a downsell, upsell or even make it your main offer!

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Running a Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) is one of the most desirable business models of 2022, and yet there remains no basic guide to starting one.

In this post, you’ll learn exactly how I built a SMMA from $0 to half a million in less than 10 months.

What is an SMMA?

Simple: SMMA stands for ‘Social Media Marketing Agency’. However, this has become a shorthand for the business model surrounding running one: whilst large corporate agencies are technical ‘SMMAs’, the term is more often used to refer to lean, remote agencies with lower associated costs.

Creating your Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA)
The fantastic thing about creating an SMMA is that it involves almost no start-up costs. Unlike nearly every other business model, an SMMA requires just some sort of online presence and a method of outreach.


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