iDNA Fintech Blockchain AI SaaS – introductory video presentation software by

iDNA Fintech Blockchain AI SaaS introductory by

White-label SaaS App
a Fintech Blockchain & AI technology platform integrating a CMS and CRM backend.

iDNA allows organizations, companies to digitize their businesses, products, communities with a mobile app that offers white label blockchain, AI, Software as a Service SaaS integrating: messaging, wallet & payments, marketplace m-commerce, social components, and a rewards engine. The app also offers an integrated CMS and CRM backend.

What is iDNA?
iDNA is a white-label mobile app and web CRM that aggregates the core functionalities that drive digital transformation, offering an integrated experience in one single environment that creates a growing attractiveness for users and external merchants.

How it works
For an organization, it is a high-level, easy, and fast go-to-market app and CRM. For the consumer, it’s an intuitive and easy-to-use app. However, the magic happens in the back-end where blockchain and AI technologies combine to create a powerful engagement and commercial tool.

About us the company behind it

techabc offers cutting-edge innovative technology with AI, blockchain, financial data-driven strategy for cities, organisations, and countries. We build premium platforms of the best-in-class tech to impact a very changing world.

techabc was founded by a team of leading thought leaders, influencers, academics, technologists, and top financial personalities with decades of high profile positions in some of the leading international organisations.

techabc is building and expanding into the current innovative revolution of financial technologies, distributed ledger technology, and machine learning.

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