Ignite as SaaS/Cloud system integration platform

Speaker – Craig Gresbrink, 24 Hour Fitness Ignite Product Owner and Solutions Architect
Slides: f
Attendees will be exposed to various challenges faced when integrating SaaS/Cloud solutions. The lack of database query access forces the reliance on vendor APIs that may not meet your business needs. Numerous limitations will be presented. Participants will be exposed to the implementation architecture used to mirror data from SaaS/Cloud solutions in Ignite and how this has benefited 24 Hour Fitness. Finally, to tie it all together, the use of Ignite as a converged data store and how it solved unanticipated business needs will be discussed. Specifically, the challenges faced during the COVID-19 Pandemic while turning off monthly billing in a billing system designed for proration and retroactive billing, will be addressed.

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