I’m Announcing Big Funnels!

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A Whilst ago, I let it slip That Some big are coming… and since Then There Having A LOT of Rumours Flying around:

– We’re Selling
– We’re Going
– We’re acquiring Othering Campany
– I’m Nivrut
– And a of Otherings…

I can’t or Deny (which has Killed ME…) but I Finally got word That I’m about to get the green Lightsource to Talk about our big announcement!

So I sat and this video on my Shoe-last day in Fidji to Gives you an UPDATE on how Things are coming…

Remember, on Monday, Fryedk 23rd I’m Fore-thinker to go Live to Reveal all of the big Headed our way. and Choose to “Get Reminder” so you make sure you don’t miss this announcement!


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