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lead capture pages
A lead capture page is a type of post-click landing page distinguished by an optimized lead capture form. This kind permits you to collect leads for your respective deals and support them down your marketing funnel. To be successful gathering leads, your capture pages need to have the best balance of “ask” and “reward.” The “ask” are the type fields you use, and the “benefit” is the deal you’re promoting.

Preferably, your type must not request more than fundamental contact info on the user’s first interaction with your business. For example, if you’re offering a more top-of-the-marketing-funnel resource such as a free ebook or webinar; your lead capture type should have no more than 3 form fields. Anything more and you risk scaring them away on your very first interaction.

The length of the kind also depends on how far down your consumers are in your funnel. The Intercom lead capture page listed below only demands the visitor’s email address in exchange for a book although the post-click landing page is rather in-depth. The page consists of reviews, consumer badges, author intros, and chapter breakdowns.

Nevertheless, form length is simply one piece of the puzzle. To optimize your types, you must take notice of the list below aspects: Your post-click landing page’s length will help you choose where to place the type. If you have a short-form post-click landing page, the type should be placed above the fold.

As a basic guideline, provides that require more explanation or request payment need to initially describe the deal’s worth and then ask visitors for their details. If the worth is basic to understand, the kind can be placed above the fold. The variety of fields doesn’t just depend on the visitor’s ease of use to complete it.

Shorter types typically collect more (however lower quality leads) since visitors do not have to supply as much personal details only name and e-mail address, for example. Case in point, Marketing Experiments carried out a case research study minimizing twenty lead fields to 4 and saw an 188.46% boost in leads! A longer form usually gathers fewer (however greater quality leads) because visitors want to offer more info about themselves such as e-mail address, company address, geographical area, business earnings, and size.

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