Ingredients for a Successful SaaS Business

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While SaaS has become a de-facto standard for delivering software, it also brings in huge operational challenges for ISVs. SaaS as a business model has inherent constraints like – Churn, stringent SLAs, Heavy Support, Customer Life Time Value, heavy competition. Therefore, Success of a SaaS company lies beyond the technical solution addressed by the product.

In this webinar, we will be discussing on how to build your SaaS solution that not only addresses the technical problem but also provide the capability to efficiently run a SaaS business. We will take a deep dive on some of the key modules that should be integrated as part of your solution in order to leverage economies of scale.

Key Takeaways:
• Technical vs. Business perspective in SaaS
• Role of SaaS Operational Modules
• Ideas to maximize your profitability
• SaaS blueprint to reach market at double the speed and half the cost
• Demo of SaaS Management features

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