Inside a Automated Marketing Funnel for a Daycare Business

Whether you like it or not, you have a “sales funnel” for your Childcare Business. What you want to know about the one you have, is if it’s an Automated one, and is a functioning one that is going to get you the ultimate results which is to lead to increasing your enrollment numbers.

As a Childcare Business Automation Consultant, I work with clients all the time on how to set this up, and today I am going to give you a peek inside what an Automated Marketing Funnel looks like for a Childcare Business.

0: 00 Intro
1: 25 What your Marketing should NOT look like
2: 24 What SHOULD Your Marketing look like
3: 53 Welcome to the Channel
4: 44 Video Format Updates
6: 30 What is a Marketing Funnel
10: 47 What is a Pipeline
11: 46 How to Set up your Funnel
15: 07 The System I Use and Recommend
18: 12 Your Next Steps

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