Insurance Automation That Saves You From Looking Like An Idiot

Does the idea of doing something wrong with your clients prevent you from using automation in your insurance agency?

In this video, Nicholas Ayers will go over insurance marketing best practices that will prevent you from looking bad in front of your clients when using automation campaigns.

In this video Nicholas also shows a way you can use automation in Zapier to send gifts from Amazon to customers and prospects. The name of the company is: /

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Nicholas Ayers has worked in the insurance industry since 2005 when he started as a sales producer. In 2012 he opened his first scratch independent agency.

In 2018 he left that agency and started over again, launching his second scratch agency. This time, he went completely digital with a 23 state operation and relied on his digital marketing prowess to generate leads and customers.

In 2019 Nicholas joined an insurtech startup, “Better Agency” as its co-founder and chief marketing officer.

Better Agency is the first sales-driven AMS and uses policy downloads to trigger hundreds of automation campaigns for sales, service, claims, and renewals.

Nicholas Ayers is an original co-founder of the popular Facebook group “Insurance Agency Owners Alliance” (IAOA) He helped orchestrate the annual insurance conference “INNOVATION”. Nicholas resigned from his role as group admin in 2022 to focus his time and effort on Better Agency exclusively.

Nicholas’s passions and skills center around marketing, technology, automation, and insurance agency operations.

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