Integrating your Genius Messenger CRM with your Go High Level account

This video is for those of you who are using our Genius Messenger CRM and also using (or thinking of trying) Go High Level.

We have quite a couple of Genius Messenger CRM users who are also using GHL and have requested an easy way to integrate the both without the need for 3rd parties like Zapier and complicated Webhooks.

And if you’ve been with us for a while you’ll probably know that we always listen to our users! If you have brilliant ideas that would make our Messenger CRM even more amazing, features that would probably be beneficial for many users, we will do what we can to make it happen…

And so we did with the request for a GHL integration.

In this video, our lovely client and GHL user Ritzel from Mightytzelvirtualsolutions assists me in showing you how to integrate the both and what we can do once we have connected our Genius Messenger CRM to our Go High Level account.

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