Intersection Between SEO and Your Marketing Funnel

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When SEO strategists overlook the journey of a buyer, they can miss out on opportunities to drive conversions for their clients. By understanding the intersection of SEO and your sales funnel, it’s possible to boost engagement at every level.

In this video, Shinhee Son, Director of SEO at Augurian, talks through some of the most valuable opportunities for organic search strategists when nurturing buyers through their customer journey.

Watch to learn more about how Augurian can develop a search engine optimization plan that can support your marketing funnel and boost engagement at every level.

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Video Transcription:

Hey, guys. I’m Shinhee Son. I’m the Director of SEO at Augurian. What I’m going to be talking to you guys about today is how to get more out of your SEO strategy using a marketing funnel. Before I go into the funnel, I really want to talk about the mistakes that I usually see SEOs make. First one is not learning enough about the users, figuring out what their pain points are, the problems that they have, the context of which they’re asking these types of questions.

The second one is the single touch point. We all know that people do a lot more research than just once they’ve landed on a page and convert. The reality is that they need to consume a lot more content before they make that decision. Third one is focusing too much on keywords and not enough about the user. A lot of times SEOs will say, “Here’s a keyword rankings reports. Here’s our share search,” but really the goal is that we need to reach that user. If we are ranking worse, but getting more conversions out of the other keywords, hey, that’s better.

Fourth one is limited strategy. A lot of times when we’re talking about SEO, we don’t really break that SEO language. What we need to do is talk more about marketing and how our initiatives are actually helping their bottom line. We’re going to get into this funnel here. This is the funnel stages that we use on the Augurian SEO team here. The most important thing is just pick one. You can use discovery, consideration, purchase, whatever it is, just pick one. The next thing here I’ve done is created the visual, drew the visual and the type of content that typically lives in each of these stages and how they meet the intent of each of these stages.

What I wanted to key in on is the tactics that an SEO person can think about when they’re looking at this customer journey or this funnel. First one here in the awareness stage is typically where you’re living in the viral world or you’re creating content that is complementary to your company or to your clients. Let’s just say that you created this massive post and you just didn’t get the links that you wanted or the shares that you wanted, then as the SEO, you’re thinking about outreach, how do we reach out to more of these people that have bigger audiences.

Then you’re looking at the problem aware stage and let’s just say you’re doing a bunch of SERP research, keyword research and seeing which types of domains are ranking. You are definitely seeing YouTube outrank the traditional results. As an SEO, you’re thinking, “How do I optimize my SEO? How do I optimize the YouTube videos to win there, to rank in the search results, but also rank on YouTube because it’s a massive search engine?” Then, we are all aware about how prevalent features snippets are. / Read the rest of the video transcription at /

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