Introducing VideoAsk: a new way to engage your audience

Meeting and greeting online has never been as exciting as real life—until now. VideoAsk is the tool that lets you grab people’s attention immediately and hold onto it for longer, using video.

Join our Learning and Inspiration Coordinator for VideoAsk, Navit Reid who will take you through the basics of VideoAsk, how to make your first one, and why it’s the best way to build trust between you and your customers.

You’ll learn:

How VideoAsk works
A new way to generate leads, recruit customers, give premium customer care, and more.
The trick to creating chatbots that don’t annoy people
How people can start live calls from your website
How VideoAsk can be used with Typeform

Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to ask Navit any questions you may have and get her expert advice.

🗓️ Join us on September 30 at 12PM ET/ 6PM CEST and start building customer relationships that last.

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