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In this Marketplace Webinar, we speak about:
✔️Getting to know GHL Agency team.
✔️ How is GHL Marketplace Whitelabeling different?
✔️ What type of services are provided by GHL?
✔️ 5-step onboarding process with Marketplace projects.
✔️ Marketplace tour. How to navigate in the platform?
✔️ Agency Jumpstart Consulting, what is it?
✔️ Skipping the line with Priority Support.
✔️ Facebook and Google ads vs Customer Rush Pack.
✔️What are funnel builds?
✔️Rush Packs depending on your niche.
✔️ Our 4 types of SEO.
✔️Social Media Management.
✔️Listing Management.
✔️Website builds, migrating your sites to GHL.
✔️Website customization provided by GHL.
✔️Whitelabel app
✔️Tons of research articles you can check in HighLevel Support Portal.

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