Introduction to Sales Funnel | Marketing Analytics for Beginners | Part-17

In Google Analytics, a Sales funnel is defined as a marketing strategy that is used to convert a prospect into a customer. It is a multi-step process that is applied to a large number of prospects using different lead nurturing strategies. These strategies range from word of mouth, marketing emails, lead generation strategies, target audience research, and more. Using these marketing strategies, a pool of prospects funnel downwards to become a customer. As each prospect has a different buyer’s persona, it is important to understand and target each prospect using customized strategies.

This video talks about how to create an effective sales funnel that promotes the buyer into doing their own personal research as they move down the funnel. Furthermore, it discusses some of the strategies used by Netflix to drive people into purchasing their subscriptions. We answer questions such as: What is a sales funnel? How to get someone to enter your sales funnel? What are different kinds of marketing strategies? How to create lead generation tutorials? Who is the right audience? What are their needs and goals? How does your product solve their problem? How does Netflix use a Sales funnel to increase customers? How can marketing analytics make use of a sales funnel?

Table of Contents:
0: 00 – Introduction to Sales funnel
0: 10 – Netflix strategies
1: 50 – Requirements for creating a sales funnel
2: 18 – Steps to make people enter a sales funnel
2: 40 – Summary

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