Is ClickFunnels A Pyramid Scheme? Detailed Explanation

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Is ClickFunnels A Scam?

Short Answer is NO! Watch video for proof and explanation.
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In this video I discuss in length if ClickFunnels is a pyramid scheme.

The very first thing I discuss is the functionality and uses for ClickFunnels in general for those that think it is just a pyramid scheme. ClickFunnels is a salesfunnels software builder that allows people of all levels design and build sales funnels for online use. Sales funnels are basically mini landing pages that walk potential buyers through an intuitive buying process for products and services. So at the end of the day, ClickFunnels primary service is to help people design their sales funnels by utilizing their easy to use software.

And when you are trying to determine whether a company is a pyramid scheme or scam of some kind, the very first thing you want to look for is if there is a product or service being traded for a monetary value that is competitively priced in the market. ClickFunnels is exactly that as it is a wonderful tool to help business owners better convert, educate, and sell their products and services over the web.

There are ways to build your own sales funnels, but it is a much harder and lengthy process. ClickFunnels serves the marketplace as the go to and user friendly way to do this for a cost of anywhere from 19 dollars to 297 dollars per month depending on the plan and options you would like for your software account. ClickFunnels is a SAAS software company. So a SAAS software company is a software as a service. You pretty much rent or lease the rights to use their software for a monthly fee. So long as you pay the monthly fee of the plan you signed up for, you will have all of your software building needs met within the ClickFunnels software.

So the pyramid scheme idea for ClickFunnels most likely comes from the fact that ClickFunnels has an affiliate program. What this means is you are able to refer their software and products free of charge to your own market of people you think would want to use their software, and you can get 40% in commission for each referral you have. Since it is a SAAS software, you get residual commisson of 40% of the total cost of their particular plan for the lifetime they are using ClickFunnels software. It does not cost any more to buy through a referral link than to buy it directly from the ClickFunnels program, so it is very lucrative for ClickFunnels to allow their users to organically sell it for them. ClickFunnels only pays a commission when the sale is made and not returned. So after a period of time so long as the customer continues to use the software, you will maintain making residual money off that sale and or referral you made. With that being said, if the people you refer happen to go and and refer it themselves, then you get a 5% commission off of that second tier sale.

So ClickFunnels has what you call a two tier affiliate program. Meaning you can make residuals and commission on up to two levels of your network buying and using the software and products. ClickFunnels has many books and training on how to better understand and succeed using salesfunnels and you can also sell those and refer those products and services for one time commission too at the same rate of 40% and 5% commissions for your first and second level.

So there is only two levels you can build on, and it takes a legitimate transaction to be made in order for you as an affiliate to get paid on anything. Once you hit 100 dollars in commissions, ClickFunnels will either direct deposit or Paypal your funds on the 1st and 15th of every month.

All in all ClickFunnels is the opposite of a pyramid scheme as they have a very reputable product and merely allow their users to recommend it to others and get compensated for doing so. A lot of people have been able to make full time incomes just from commission on recommending the products. But when you do it correctly, you can use ClickFunnels to help you better sell and lead generate your own offers while making great side income by referring it to others in the process.

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