Is Clickfunnels Cheap? // I screwed up | Aspire 158

ClickFunnels is actually a good deal? Compared to other solutions CF actually comes out on top with pricing when you consider this one factor that competitors are trying to hide from you. And on a completely unrelated topic we need to talk about the “”hustle-grind”” facade a lot of use are being bombarded with as entrepreneurs.
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Is Clickfunnels Cheap? // I screwed up | Aspire 158

In this video, we’re going to take a look at the pricing of various sales funnel builders you can consider for your business. Which are the best sales funnel software programs that you should be using in 2019? Is there a such thing as a cheap clickfunnels? Plus, learn my take on the entrepreneurship view of hustle and grind in this industry.

If you watched my previous Clickfunnels reviews, you can see that I put clickfunnels in a bad light because of its pricing and features but let’s see how it is compared with other sales funnel builder out there.

I review the features and pricing of different sales funnel software out there which includes ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Kartra, Get Response and ThriveThemes / ThriveCart to see what’s the best out there for our online business. I found out that clickfunnels is actually cheap! Find out what made it to be cheap clickfunnels.

If you go back and take a closer look at each one of these tools, you’ll notice that most of them can function just as a landing page builder except just a few. Also, almost all these tools will cost you to pay a monthly recurring fee.

Choosing the best sales funnel builder for your online business is hard as you have to take into consideration the pricing, features and where your business is currently at so let me take off from you the hard part and let’s learn together from my experiences. If you figured out that cheap clickfunnels is for you, then go for it.

Also, stay tuned for my upcoming videos where I talk about a mistake incidence with one of my clients. I also share some good news from my sales funnel experiment from my previous video.

Lastly, I want to share my thoughts on experiencing burnout in this online business world. Building an online business takes time and effort. There’s so much work involved creating content, getting new clients and fulfilling your products or services. All of us come to If you have been a long time subscriber, you might have a wrong impression on what an entrepreneurs’ life really is and I share all of that in this video. There are times that things won’t work out but what should you do?

Check out the cards to watch other videos on how to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur.

I hope that you are inspired building the business you love just as I do. If you keep going no matter what the odds are, that’s the sure way to success. Most importantly, choose wisely the best sales funnel software so you can have a profitable online business.
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