Is Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank) — Stock analysis buy?

Is Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank) — Stock analysis buy? Comparing RBC and TD Bank financial statements. Royal bank of Canada is RBC.
Using 10-Q performed indepth fundamental analysis of this company of the company to find out if the Toronto Dominion of Canda or stock is buy or not.
This is one of the top Canadian stocks to buy or consider this canadian stock to buy. Therefore, I performed very deep due diligence on this air canada stock.
These are Canadian bank stock. Its hard to pick up the best dividend investing stock. This video helps to find out the best stock to buy now.

Make sure to watch ENTIRE video to find out this bank prior making any decision.
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2: 42 Agenda
4: 56 How diversified is TD business?
6: 09 Digital Active
7: 32 G-SIB?
10: 44 Started comparing TD bank with RBC
14: 40 Started comparing TD bank with RBC with financial statements
26: 04 Price of TD and RBC in last crisis

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