ITT 110: How to Create Evergreen Sales Funnels with Summer Tannhauser

Summer Tannhauser is the founder of Lady Boss League and Evergreen Sales School. It’s the dream of every entrepreneur to obtain the elusive passive income. One way to do this is by creating digital content and evergreen sales funnels to continuously market the product with little effort beyond the initial set-up. This episode is jam-packed with action advice straight from Summer herself.

In this broadcast, Summer Tannhauser and I talk about:
-The #1 reason most evergreen sales funnels aren’t successful
-The importance of sharing personal stories in your content
-How to determine the amount of free content you should provide
-Summer’s ideal mini-course sales funnel structure
-Why you should include a guaranteed result from your mini-course sales funnel
-The main things to consider when crafting your sales pitch inside your mini-course
-The ideal product price point for email mini-course sales funnels
-Why you should have a down-sell option
-The main tripwire mistake entrepreneurs make
-How much time and effort should go into your mini-course landing page

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