Klaviyo vs Mailchimp | Best email marketing platform for ecommerce 2021

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2022 UPDATE: MailChimp re-instated their direct integration with Shopify, so hopefully MailChimp automation and analytics should become better for Shopify stores! Are you using MailChimp? Comment to let us know how it’s going with the updated integration!

Debating which email platform to choose – MailChimp vs Klaviyo? If you’re running an e-commerce store, this video is for you! Watch me rank and compare both MailChimp and Klaviyo on 5 important factors: Pricing, Email Automation, List Segmentation, Email Design Builder, and Analytics. Let me know in the comments which platform you ended up picking!

00: 00 In this video
00: 50 Why email marketing is important for ecommerce
02: 17 Klaviyo vs Mailchimp: Pricing
02: 59 Klaviyo vs Mailchimp: Automation
03: 52 Klaviyo vs Mailchimp: Segmentation
06: 22 Klaviyo vs Mailchimp: Email builder
06: 51 Klaviyo vs Mailchimp: Analytics
08: 14 Bonus: SMS marketing

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