Landing Page Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Need some landing page inspiration? Here is a break down of the top 10 landing page trends we will be seeing in 2022!
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1: 06 1.One Page Websites
1: 34 2.Oversized Typography
2: 10 3.Graphic Text Instead Of Header Images
2: 35 4.Combining 2D and 3D design
3: 10 5.Glass Like Texture
3: 41 6.Art Deco
4: 05 7.Collages
4: 32 8.Paper Cutouts
4: 56 9. Riso Print
5: 30 10. Gender Neutral Designs
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1. One-page websites
One-page websites are often used as portfolios, art projects or just a place to hold links to everything you’ve been working on. Gen Z is predicted to become the most entrepreneurial generation so we’ll be seeing a lot more of these minipages in the upcoming years.

2. Oversized typography

Ridiculously large text that covers almost the entire screen is great for 2 things: 1) it relays a simple message very clearly and 2) it is also extremely versatile. It can be used in minimalist design as the one and only element there taking space. Or use it in maximalist design to tie everything together and overpower the noise. I’m here for this trend.

3. Graphic text instead of images in headers

This is actually a result of the previous trend combined with another trend, to solve a very important problem: page loading speed. Images make your page load slower and you can’t have that happening in 2022 anymore. People will click off, move on the next Google search result and buy from there instead.

4. Combining 2D and 3D design

Digital design tools and even animation tools are getting more powerful and easier to use, which means people can create crazy advanced things like these easier than before.

5. Glass-like textures

Eow did we get here? Basically, now that everyone used their lockdown online courses to design professional looking graphics in Canva, actual professional designers have been stepping their game up.

6. Art deco

Art deco was an architecture style popular in the 1920s and 30s. Think The Great Gatsby and flapper dresses. It’s full of geometrical lines and bold decorative elements.

7. Collages

Collages have gone from vision boards in college bedrooms to web design. In 2022 they combine illustrations, 3D as well as 2D graphics. These are easy to make without much skill in graphic design which make this trend accessible to many people and why I think we’re going to see this a lot.

8. Paper cutouts

A traditional art form that dates back to 4th century China has made it to the digital world. We have seen this before, but after brands with corporate budgets took it to the next level in 2021, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in 2022.

9. Riso print

Riso was popular in the 80s when a Japanese brand invented a machine for high-volume photo-copying and printing – the risograph. It was originally intended to be an office printer because images came out with many imperfections – alignment and colour distortions, ink bleed, grainy textures.

10. Gender neutral design.

Overly gendered web design is a fad we’re leaving behind in 2022. Not all digital make-up stores need to be neon pink and camping gear logos don’t need guns and whiskey. We can do better.
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One Page Website Example: /
Oversized Typography Example: & /
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Combining 2D and 3D Design Example: & n
Glass Like Texture Examples: & d
Art Deco Examples: & %29
Collages Example: /
Paper Cut Outs Example: />Riso Prints Example: n
Gender Neutral Design Examples: & /

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