Landing pages (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

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Landing pages are pages that do not appear in the shop’s navigation. They can be reached externally under the URL of the sales channel + the individual URL of the landing page.

You have chosen Shopware: Congratulations! We are happy to welcome you as part of the community. There is an incredible amount to discover here and besides your own shop, there are also many Shopware pages that we would like to introduce to you here!

On our website you will find all important information about our product, version comparisons and contact information. In addition to the partner listing, which allows you to easily find an agency that supports you with your requirements, you will also find an overview of Shopware’s further education offer, as well as a blog with all news, case studies and a lot of important information.

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Here you will find contributions that help you to create articles, configure your shop, etc.

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