LatePoint Appointment Booking Plugin | Introduction, Frontend Walkthrough & Backend Demo

Frontend: 2: 15
Backend: 4: 40
— Link to plugin website.

Latepoint is a booking solution for WordPress in the form of a plugin. It has tons of advanced features and rivals Calendly.

This is a great solution for companies you need to schedule consultation calls, physical services, and anything that requires an appointment. Not only does it schedule it according to free slots in a group Google Calendar, but you can process payments as well. For example, if you’re a tutoring service, you can have customers schedule appointments with individual tutors through this application. If you offer consultation calls, you can do a similar setup as well.

With it your customers can self schedule booking appointments . These appointments are referenced with your Google calendar, so they can only schedule during times that you are free. The plug-in can support unlimited agents, unlimited business locations, process payments through Braintree, Stripe, and PayPal, and send email and SMS notifications.

This is a video walkthrough of the front end user interface, and back-end administrative management interface that this plugin offers. It’s extremely well designed, supported by a great development team, and well worth its purchase price of around $55 dollars.

As a comparison, Calendly costs $15 per month per user and offers less features.

Clicking the link below will take you to a purchase page for the plugin where you can learn more, and it will also support Isotropic Design as it is an affiliate link:


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