Lead Nurturing Basics | How to Get Started with Lead Generation and Drive Conversions

Looking to master lead generation? Alec from the WebFX Internet Marketing team has the info you need to create a lead nurturing strategy that generates revenue for your business.

Getting more website traffic is awesome, but what matters most is turning first-time site visitors into repeat customers. Not everyone who visits your website will become a customer—and many will take time to make a purchase decision—but you can take action to maximize the number of people who decide to partner with your business.

Enter your lead nurturing strategy.

Businesses (like yours) nurture their leads through different digital marketing tactics aimed at building relationships with customers.

Instead of bombarding people with sales-focused content, your lead generation strategy meets people at different stages of their buying processes and gently nudges them to your business along the way. It’s a more targeted and personalized way of communicating with potential customers.

We like to use a marketing funnel to illustrate how shoppers make purchase decisions. We’ve even made a video about sales funnels (which we’ve linked to below).

At the top of the funnel, when people are first learning about your business, your goal is to educate and answer any questions customers may have about your industry or the projects they’re working on. The further down in the funnel you go, meaning the closer shoppers are to making a decision, the more focused you should be on convincing them that your business is the right choice.

You can build out a lead nurturing process using:
🔵 content marketing
🔵 social media
🔵 digital advertising
🔵 email marketing
🔵 really any marketing channel that your customers engage with

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Not to mention, incorporating marketing automation into your lead generation strategy can take a lot of work off of your plate. Not sure what marketing automation is? We’ve got some information on our website: /

In addition to giving you an introduction to the basics, Alec covers five important tips for turning more of your site visitors into customers, including some advice about marketing automation.

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What is lead nurturing? // 00: 01: 08
The customer buying journey // 00: 01: 46
5 tips for converting leads // 00: 03: 07
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