Leadpages: How to Create a Landing Page From Scratch

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Hey all!

In this video, I take a first look at Leadpages and show you how to create a landing page from scratch with it.

Leadpages is an amazing landing page builder because for the low price of $37/month, you can build out the perfect landing page for the products or services you are offering.

This goes in perfect comparison with Unbounce or ClickFunnels where the cheapest package is $100/month, and even though you get other benefits and features with such a package, you don’t necessarily need all that to create a simple landing page.

But in this video I just wanted to give you a feel for the Leadpages platform and how their drag and drop editor works.

I picked up a pretty good-looking template that I found from Leadpages itself and then attempted to re-create it from a completely blank page to show you the different features that are available with Leadpages.

I was able to successfully re-create the page and make it look very similar to the one I was trying to mimic, and you should too!

The one thing I love about Leadpages is that it’s very easy to place elements in the right place, kind of like ClickFunnels. You just drag and drop to wherever you want the element to be, and it gets aligned and entered evenly.

It does reduce some control on your end as you can’t place the elements ANYWHERE on the page, it has to be in “boxes”, but the process is definitely much more simplified and easier to set up.

I can’t be too specific in this description because the process is visual and you should really just see the video to see exactly how to use the drap-and-drop editor.

But generally, the process is the same as for the other videos we went over in Unbounce and ClickFunnels when creating our pages.

If you are interested, here is my Unbounce playlist:

And here is the ClickFunnels one:

If Leadpages is something that interests you, I will certainly create short videos in the near future going over setting up a custom domain with them, split testing, setting up autoresponder integration, and so on.

And as mentioned, if you want to try out Leadpages yourself for free for 14 days, check it out using my link:

That’s it!

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Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next video!

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