Lion Desk – Why I Stopped Using Lion Desk – Lion Desk Review

LionDesk – Why I Stopped Using LionDesk – LionDesk Review

I stopped using LionDesk CRM, so I want to talk about it. I want to give you my perspective and provide an authentic LionDesk review.

In this video I’ll be giving you my experience with LionDesk CRM, the good and the bad (the pros and the cons). LionDesk has incredible functionality and I want to be sure to highlight that. However, LionDesk also has some areas where they need improvement.

You will also see the new CRM I am using, which is kvCORE and I’ll share why what lead me to kvCORE. I’ll highlight the differences between LionDesk and kvCORE and give you the similarities between LionDesk and kvCORE. (LionDesk vs kvCORE)

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