Make money with content (blogs, video & podcast) with THIS marketing funnel #shorts #marketingfunnel

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Make money with content (blogs, video, and podcast) with THIS marketing funnel

This here is my content funnel. It’s basically how I generate money with free content like blogs, videos, and podcasts. I use this funnel at the top here. I’ll have a blog post, a video like a YouTube video of something, or maybe my podcast, but I’ll make sure they’re all based around the same topic.

Then, I will on that video or in the blog post, make sure that I have a lead magnet related to that topic. I’ll either redirect people to a very simple squeeze page, like or course or whatever that might be. Then, immediately from any of those signups, I’ll redirect them to a video sales letter upselling them to a package that has all of the products combined or some like really low ticket kind of tripwire products. That content funnel makes me money and it makes me fun money repeatedly on autopilot.

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📷🎤💻 Gear I use:
● My webcam: M
● Camera: v
● Lens: x
● Smartphone microphone: V
● Desk mic: 8
● Tripod I use: V

⌨💻🖱Software and platforms
● Premium WordPress hosting: d
● Page builder: />● Email marketing: s
● Proposal software (BetterProposals): c

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