MAKE MORE SALES ONLINE: What Is A Sales Funnel? (Website vs. Shopify vs. Sales Funnel)

Have you ever wondered why all of us internet marketers are excited about using a Sales Funnel in our online business? A sales funnel is a series of “yes’ or “no” decisions you can ask your customers as to whether they want to purchase more products from you…and that’s a GREAT thing!

In other words, instead of sending someone to a website with only 1 product for sale of $20.00, you can send someone to a sales funnel where they ask for $20, $150, $997, then a thank you page (or any amount of money, just for example).

This ends up INCREASING the sales of your average purchase from $20.00 per ticket to something like $79 per sale…because people are purchasing more from you.
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