Making the Most of your Partnership with TLD Group

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Curious to learn more about how TLD Group supports and generates business for our coaches and consultants? Are you interested in how you can work more effectively with the TLD Group team? Want to dig deeper on how to utilize Hogan assessments more creatively within your work?

Welcome to our Community of Practice webinar “Making the Most of your Partnership with TLD Group”. This webinar consists of two parts:

Part One will cover 1) what TLD Group brings to the table for its coaches and consultants, 2) how coaches/consultants can make the most of the relationship with TLD Group, and 3) offer a peek into the selection process for coaches/consultants to deliver our services.

Part Two will feature a presentation by TLD Group Coach Mike Lindemann entitled “Use of Hogan Assessments for team building, client engagement, and ongoing consultation”. The main points to be covered will be:
• Presenting frameworks for summarizing leadership profiles for teams and groups, using the basic Hogan assessments
• Key points about the feedback and team-building process using Hogan data
• Ways to stimulate interest and engagement, have fun, and facilitate the ongoing development of senior teams

Please enjoy…and we will keep you posted about our upcoming Community of Practice webinars!

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