Marketing Agency’s #1 Most Important Sales Funnel Step — How To Qualify A Lead

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I’m going to reveal the questions you need to ask during a discovery call to qualify your leads.

Audience member, Randall Neason asked about what questions need to be asked to qualify prospects.

And my answer to Randall and to you is that your qualifying call needs to become a “disqualifying call.”

The one thing that gives you control at this stage in the client relationship is your ability to withhold your expertise and authority.

Most consultants and agencies try to convince the prospect to become a client instead of actually qualifying the prospect.

When being needy, you lose your positioning as the expert and authority that the prospect desires to work with. Then the prospect gains control and the client relationship starts to deteriorate.

Use the questions I share in this video to disqualify your leads so you end up with the best clients.

For Miles Beckler fans, you can watch this video where Miles talks about the “discovery call.”
The Marketing Consultant’s #1 Most Important Sales Funnel Step Revealed

For those who want to know about SEO… I used a similar title as Miles’ title because Miles tagged me in his video and it outranks me in Youtube search. He and I have already discussed me creating this video and he is going to link to it so I get some high quality backlinks.

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